Corey's Projects

Pachinko Slaughterhouse is Corey's latest project and nearing completion for Android and IOS. Corey is the primary game designer on  the project. Designing many of the games quirky puzzle bases levels. In addition Corey has taken on roles of a UI designer and programmer working on all elements of the game.  To find out more about Pachinko Slaughterhouse follow the link below.

Going Going Gone:
Homerun Classic

Designed events and scenarios to keep players engaged. Created a vast inventory of items and achievements for players to obtain. Developed core systems including the homerun camera system and the players upgrade path. 


BB Texas Hold'em Poker

Expanded betting mechanics with an item-based system, adding further urgency to the betting pool and encouraging users to to take larger risks during play.  Developed various achievements and events to keep the user base highly engaged at all times. 

Canimals: Little Guardians

Balanced over 16 different characters, each sporting unique attacks. Assisted with simplifying UI for target audience.

Air Heads

Developed many of the core game mechanics including extensive work on the hit detection system and projectile upgrade paths.