Pachinko Slaughterhouse - Update #2

Pachinko Slaughterhouse - Winner of the
Gameacon 2015 Fan Favorite Award!

Starting off today's update strong, we want to thank Gameacon and all the fans that attended for their votes in helping Pachinko Slaughterhouse win the Fan Favorite Award. We presented our newest build at the three day convention sporting plenty of new features and refined stages. Pachinko was well received, with many players attempting to set the high score of the day. One particular challenger set the bar even higher then our programmer, Aaron. 


Congratulations Austin!


On to the features! For the latest build, we set a goal to update the audiovisual side of the game. Small adjustments included changes like creating new buttons for the game to match our stylish logo. As for a larger adjustment, we overhauled the score screen (Psst! It was completely removed!) by replacing the full screen panel with a scoreboard pop up.  The intent was to streamline our previously cumbersome score screen and deliver the needed information at a glance.

Moosanto Board

First, we display the company name (in this case Moosanto) followed by the delivered and quota fields. Delivered keeps track of how many animals have been received by the company, while quota is your current goal that needs to be reached. In the above example, the player is one animal away from completing the goal. Each delivery made also adds to your score at the cash rate listed in the bottom left corner.  The final piece of the puzzle is the "X2" icon and the symbol to its right. These indicate which type of animal or power-up will yield double score. Above, Moosanto requires players to deliver four animals at $75 each, but will provide a double multiplier for genetically modified animals. There is plenty to pack in for such a small window, but it fits nicely posed right above each company loader.


One Chicken away from victory!


We can proudly state that all animals are currently implemented in the game. The fifth is still undergoing some testing to "balance out" its ability. The Cow and Pig are newcomers to the scene following our Gameacon build. The Cow has the ability to break most objects it lands on. For this ability, it must fall directly on top of the object or it will bounce. The Cow can open up previously inaccessible areas or potentially break existing paths, making the level more difficult. The Pig can devour any animal that comes into close proximity with it. Through this, the pig can be a source of massive monetary gains because each animal eaten will increase the pig's value and eventual total payout.

Take care utilizing either of these new effects. If misused, your animal may cause more harm than good. 

 by Kerry McNulty

by Kerry McNulty


This past week, Pachinko Slaughterhouse was submitted for Indie Megabooth at Pax East 2016. All team efforts are currently focused on polishing and cleaning the user interface. The art for our fifth animal is in development and will be revealed in our next Pachinko Update. We are aiming for an early 2016 release within Quarter 1.  So expect more frequent updates as we enter the final phases of development. Thank you for reading and all your support.

 Corey Delorenzo